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Home Learning during lockdown

We are using our Tapestry on-line Learning Journals to post challenges and keep in touch with you. Please feel free to add photos, videos and send messages to us and we promise to look and respond to these every weekday.

We are also only giving access to individual observations from school rather than those in groups so there may not be as many as you would would hope for. Early years will have lots more observations and photos from school than KS1 due to the nature of the different curriculum models; Ks1 have more evidence of learning in books so please do not worry.

Just remember we do not expect you to become teachers!  Please just try and enjoy family time and make the most of every day learning opportunities as these are always the most fun and valuable.  After all how many of our children can tie shoe laces, sew on a button or really use a knife and fork?  It's a great opportunity to go back to basics.


You can come along and pick home learning packs up from the school entrance  from 9.30-1.30pm. There will be new ones each week.  


Reading books can be collected Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 11am-1pm  - These will need to be signed out (from a safe distance)

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